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The Kauai Visitor’s Guide to Kauai Festivals & Events

What makes a festival on Kauai so much fun for malihini (visitors) and kamaaina (residents)? Well, they have interesting cultural themes, there’s always good food and good music, shopping is varied and reasonable, they’re easy to find, and there’s entertainment and activities for children too. And of course, there’s plenty of aloha for everyone!

Kauai’s multicultural population, history, and native flora and fauna contribute themes that are lively, interesting and educational. Kauai Festivals often include native Hawaiian ceremonies, concerts featuring traditional and contemporary music, lei making contests, and hula demonstrations. The themes of our festivals vary greatly and include reenactments of historic Hawaiian events, town celebrations, art shows, and events honoring each of the many diverse cultures still thriving on Kauai today. Kauai Festivals occur year-round and island-wide, and offer visitors the opportunity to explore our island and discover what makes Kauai truly unique among the islands of Hawaii.

Island Flavors Abound At Festivals

Key to every event’s success is the great selection of ono grinds (delicious food) that can be found at all of Kauai’s festivals. Sample favorite island foods at very reasonable prices, from standard outdoor fare like hamburgers and corn dogs, to “local” dishes including Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Puerto Rican and Portuguese cuisine. Annual culinary events showcase Hawaii’s fine seafood and produce, and the talents of our island chefs.

Join the Fun!

Kauai Festivals are not staged exhibitions. They are genuine community gatherings that bring together old friends and new to enjoy each other’s company, to share food and to enjoy local music and culture. Admission to festivals and fairs is free or usually minimal, so families can enjoy the day or evening together. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.